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The young man Arpat and his family in Tacheng City, NW China's Xinjiang

Shiliuyun-Xinjiang Daily (Reporter Hei Hongwei) news: "What a happy family!" "Do you have a wok for the pilaf?" "I love the snow"... Open the video account of "Fate and Mila", and the life of an ordinary Uygur family in Tacheng City is vividly shown on the screen. Who would think that the life of this Xinjiang family would receive tens of thousands of comments from netizens across the country.

The protagonist of the video, "Fate", whose name is Arpat Alimjan, comes from Kuokejieyidake Village in Yemenle Township, Tacheng City. In the video, Arpat shows the colorful life of Xinjiang people through food.

The 28-year-old, who once worked as a cook and ran an agritainment, returned to the village in 2018 and started engaging in e-commerce.

"At that time, there was less content on the Internet about 'agriculture, rural areas and farmers', especially stories about rural life in Xinjiang. I lived in the countryside since I was young, and I am very familiar with the life there, so I wanted to present that kind of life in front of the camera," said Arpat.

The first time facing a camera, Arpat was very shy and his sense of humor was gone.

"Although my videos recorded the daily life, I was still nervous and afraid of making mistakes," said Arpat.

However, such a simple video won many likes of netizens, which made Arpat feel confident.

In the video of Arpat, various Xinjiang delicacies, such as roasted buns, hand pulled noodles, kebabs, large plate chicken, roasted lamb chops, Xinjiang pizza, spicy lamb hooves, attract netizens all over the country. These are the delicacies he ate growing up, and also the home dishes of his mother, Alnur.

Photo shows Arpat Alimjan and his mother cook delicious food together. (Photo provided by Arpat Alimjan)

"At first I was embarrassed because I was afraid of being laughed at, but then I gradually relaxed. We didn't deliberately pose for photos, and all we showed were the real life." Alnur said.

The family's funny words and happy daily life made netizens say "I was cured by them", "I want to cry" and "I just want to eat delicious food".

But what bothers him is that shooting videos and doing We-media in the countryside will always be regarded as "doing nothing" by relatives and neighbors, and they always try to persuade him to find a decent job.

"I have gained a large number of fans through delicious food, beautiful scenery and humorous interaction with my family, rousing their yearn for visiting Tacheng City. The neighbors gradually changed their misunderstanding to learn how to do new media from me," said Arpat.

To his surprise, a young man from Liaocheng, Shandong Province, who was attracted by the video, came to Tacheng to learn from him. They ate and lived together, and have become good friends.

In 2021, Arpat got married, and the video was full of warm and interesting daily life contents of his small family. His wife, Almira Yarmamat, often appears on the screen.

Photo shows Arpat Alimjan together with his wife and his child. (Photo provided by Arpat Alimjan)

"We just want to let netizens across the country know about the ordinary family life of people in Xinjiang and the local customs of Xinjiang. These videos can often attract more likes and forwards," said Arpat.

When introducing Xinjiang food, Arpat will also introduce Xinjiang's agricultural products and local beauty. Because of recognition of Arpat, these videos receive good feedback every time, and the maximum number of goods sold through livestreaming was more than 30,000.

"In the future, I will learn more about e-commerce and improve my ability to shoot and edit videos, and strive to do more real things for the villagers," said Arpat.

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