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Mawlan Turak, a young man who is dedicated to expressing the charm of Kashgar and Xinjiang characteristic ethnic cultures

In recent years, as the tourism warms up in the Kashgar Ancient City scenic spot, trip shoot in the ancient city has gained popularity among tourists. People put on costumes with ethnic styles and exquisite makeup... Tourists across China are attracted to the Kashgar Ancient City, acquire the experience of being natives and leave beautiful memories in their minds.

At a little store named “Ru Mi Wen Chuang”, meaning fascination with cultural creative products, in the Kashgar Ancient City scenic spot, 29-year-old Mawlan Turak attracts tourists with traditional ethnic costumes, ornaments and characteristic cultural and creative tourist souvenirs. He also helps tourists form different places make beautiful new looks -- from clothes to makeups and hairstyles, from photographing to editing, Mawlan designs and supervises by himself. He is dedicated to making a systematic industry of traditional ethnic costumes from scientific popularization, exhibition, design and matching, to restoring, promotion, etc. As the visits received in the scenic spot increase year by year, Mawlan hopes he could express the charm of Kashgar and Xinjiang characteristic ethnic cultures, and enrich and enhance the cultural connotation of Kashgar tourism.

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