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Duku Highway, a veritable landscape avenue in Xinjiang

Duku Highway, namely Dushanzi to Kuqa section of National Highway 217, is the southern section of National Highway 217 connecting the north and south of Xinjiang. Because it crosses the Tianshan Mountains, it is also called Tianshan Highway. It starts from Dushanzi, the oil city in nothern Xinjiang, and ends at Kuqa City at the southern foot of the Tianshan Mountains and the northern edge of the Tarim Basin. The geographical coordinates are 82°55'~84°58'E, 41°42'~44°19'N, with a total length of 561 kilometers.

From the starting point of Dushanzi Grand Canyon, to Nalati and Bayanbulak grassland along the way, and then to the end of Kuqa Tianshan Grand Canyon, Duku Highway is a veritable landscape avenue in Xinjiang. Driving along the Duku Highway, you would pass through the Ilianhabilga Mountain, Borokonu Mountain, Awulal Mountain, Nalati Mountain, Erbin Mountain, Hark Mountain, Yining Basin and Kuqa Basin.

Summer scenery of Bayingou scenic spot (Photo by Fu Chunguo)

Baili Gallery (Photo by Li Xiangdong)

Over the Haxilegen Daban (Photo by Liu Yue)

Fairyland (Photo by He Zhong)

Picturesque scenery of pasture (Photo by Yuan Yulong)

Naren Grassland (Photo by Ardak)

Splendid mountains (Photo by Chen Jinshu)

Inverted reflection in water (Photo by Fu Ximing)

Auspicious clouds in Tangbula (Photo by Che Jing)

Shepherd (Photo by Zhang Xu)

Bayanbulak (Photo by Dai Qiang)

Spring scenery of mountains (Photo by Wang Zilin)

Overlooking view of Qiaoerma. (Photo by Li Xueren)

Haxilegen (Photo by Lv Meilin)

Winter gallery (Photo by Yuan Yulong)

Kuqa Grand Canyon (Photo by Dai Borui)

Wonderful pasture (Photo by Dong Yuhao)

Glacier in the Tianshan Mountians (Photo by Hu Aiping)

The foot of the Tianshan Mountians (Photo by Zhang Qiangnian)

Snow mountains (Photo by He Zhong)

Sea of flowers (Photo by Ren Maogu)

Winding road (Photo by Yang Baocheng)

Autumn scenery of Wulasitai (Photo by Zhao Daisheng)

Wonderful scenery of canyon (Photo by He Zhong)

Canyon “elves” (Photo by Wang Yong)

Summer pasture (Photo by Ding Yurong)

Snow peak and brook (Photo by Gu Jun)

Snow scenery of Duku Highway (Photo by Abdunur)

Clouds and mist-covered scene (Photo by Gu Lun)

Sunset glow (Photo by Gao Xintian)

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