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Kader Rehman invigorates traditional embroidery

Hami Uygur embroidery has distinctive characteristics and was listed as the national intangible cultural heritage item in 2008. Kader Rehman showed his love for embroidery since childhood, and became an inheritor of Hami embroidery through learning in the puzzlement of others. In 2016, China’s Ministry of Culture set up the first traditional craft workstation - “Xinjiang Hami Traditional Craft Workstation”, and Kader was sent to Guangzhou University for further study. Since his return from studies, he began to explore, sort and innovate the patterns, stitches and colors of traditional Uygur embroidery, has carried out research and development of cultural and creative products, and made Xinjiang embroidery products tend towards the world. (Reporter: Nie Ning)

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