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Come to enjoy night markets in southern Xinjiang

Today, let's look at how people spend their nightlife in southern Xinjiang.

“We always go to night markets,” Zhao Bo, a native of Hotan Prefecture, northwest China’s Xinjiang, said.

The Hotan night market is famous in Xinjiang. As a local saying goes, “You have never been to Hotan if you have not been to the Hotan night market.”

Video shows the Hotan night market. (Video by Convergence Media Center of Hotan Prefecture)

“In 1983, when I was only four years old, my parents took me to night markets. Delicious Opka Hesip is my first choice.” Now, he is 44 years old, and he still loves this soft and delicious food. It is unusual outside Xinjiang.

If you want to go to night markets, you have to go early, as local people will take their friends from other places to occupy seats at 8:00 pm.

There are hundreds of specialty restaurants with their own characteristics. You can stroll while tasting delicacies.

Photo shows roasted eggs in the Hotan night market. (Photo by Xu Xiaolong)

“Don't be greedy to buy too much at one time. You can go several times to eat all the delicacies in the Hotan night market,” Zhao Bo said.

You must taste roasted eggs if you visit the Hotan night market. When making roasted eggs, it needs to remove the egg white of goose eggs, and add native eggs, wild eggs, pigeon eggs, saffron, honey and other ingredients.

Roasted eggs, kebabs, braised sheep's hooves, yogurt Zongzi, pitir manta... Some of them are well known in Xinjiang, while others are unique in Hotan.

“Except for kebabs, we will taste some Hotan specialties, such as roasted eggs, roasted sheep intestines, and yogurt Zongzi. Sheep's hooves and cow head meat are also a good choice.” Zhao Bo said.

Photo shows yogurt Zongzi in the Hotan night market. (Photo by Xu Xiaolong)

Surprisingly, yogurt Zongzi always ranks first among the delicacies that Zhao Bo's friends enjoy most.

With the softness of glutinous rice from Jiangnan and the sourness of Hotan yogurt, it is one of the hot sellers in the Hotan night market.

Photo shows cold dishes in the Hotan night market. (Photo by Xu Xiaolong)

Sheep's head, cow’s head, sheep's hoof and cow’s hoof are suitable for entertaining friends.

Photo shows all kinds of barbecue in the Hotan night market. (Photo by Xu Xiaolong)

There are many different kinds of barbecue in the Hotan night market, including roasted fish, roasted kebab, roasted rabbit and roasted pigeon.

Photo shows tourists in the Hotan night market. (Photo by Xu Xiaolong)

There are two night markets in Hotan City. The old night market has 238 stalls and more than 700 tables. The new night market has 150 stalls and more than 300 tables.

Some people enjoy delicious barbecues and chat with good friends until midnight.

“I went there several times and back at one o'clock at midnight, not because it was too late, but because nearly all the food was sold out,” Zhao Bo said.

Photo shows performance in the Hotan night market. (Photo by Xu Xiaolong)

The Hotan night market shares not only delicious food but also wonderful singing and dancing performances. At 9:00 pm, the performance begins.

Once the show starts, even the delicious food can not attract the attention of visitors from other places. They take pictures and videos and share them with their family and friends.

“It's really enchanting to enjoy such a wonderful performance.” After watching it many times, Zhao Bo is still immersed in it and proud of his hometown.

“Come and watch this fascinating performance, and you will have a good time.”