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Altun Mountains

The beautiful scene in Xinjiang includes pleatu, snow mountains, lakes, grasslands, and I could go on and on.

But there is one place that you probably haven't heard of and that even fewer people have ever visited. That is the Altun Mountains.

The Altun Mountains National Nature Reserve is located in Ruoqiang County, Bayingolin Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture, northwest China's Xinjiang, sitting in the middle of the Altun Mountains at the border of Xinjiang-Tibet. With an altitude of about 4000 meters and an area of about 45000 square kilometers, Altun Mountains National Nature Reserve is the largest alpine nature reserve in China.

The weather here is changeable, and sometimes the sun is scorching, and then the wind is blowing and snow is blowing. Sometimes the thunder and lightning roar, and sometimes the hail and graupel are suddenly falling, making it difficult to ponder.

There are glaciers, plateau lakes, and plateau deserts.

The geographical environment here is unique and uninhabited.

Tibetan wild donkey,Tibetan antelopes, wild yaks, wild camels and black-necked cranes live happlily there.

It is desolate but full of life. It is beautiful in its silence, mystery, its secludedness, and pristine ecology. It is uninhabited but full of vitality.

There is a magic crescent-shaped sand spring, with crystal-liked water coming out from the sand. Surrounded by the snow-capped mountains, the lake Ajackuri is blue like the sky, with clear reflections of the birds of all kinds gather above the vast and misty waves.

There is the world's highest desert with sand piles, and inland ice-free lake on plateau, that is Aqqikkol Lake. There are Bukadaban peak (Xinqing peak) known as "Guilin landscape of plateau". There are glacier-covered ice peaks of Muzitag. And there are Qianlei Spring, Yin and Yang Lake(the west side of the lake is salt water and the east side is fresh water. The East Lake is full of birds, and the West Lake is dead and dull, forming a sharp contrast. Hence the name.), the Devil Valley and other sceneries.

The tranquil alpine lakes, clusters of wild animals, barren hammada, towering mountains, and snow-capped peaks make the breathtaking natural scenery in the Altun Mountains.

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