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Growing characteristic fruits boosts income for farmers in Shawan City, NW China’s Xinjiang

Photo shows the team members of the working crew trim the branches in the orchard. Recently, agricultural technicians are invited to guide farmers in trimming peach branches by the working crew of Shawan Retired Veteran Cadres Bureau of Municipal Committee of Linchang Community in Sandao Hezi Township, northwest China’s Xinjiang. (Photo by Correspondent Zeng Zhaomei)

Li Huaiyi (the middle), an agricultural technician of Linchang Community in Sandaohezi Township, Shawan City, northwest China’s Xinjiang, teaches fruit farmers about techniques of pruning peach trees.

In recent years, Linchang Community has actively encouraged farmers to grow characteristic fruits, which has achieved increasing income and getting rich. At present, the area of fruit planting has reached more than 200 mu.

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