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InXinjiang ⑳丨What happens when a Georgian girl gets lost in Xinjiang?

In April 2024, Georgian synchronized figure skating coach Khatia Komakhidze and her father traveled to Xinjiang, China. During her two-week trip to Xinjiang, she visited the Xinjiang Museum and tasted delicious Xinjiang cuisine. The unique culture and traditions gave her a deeper understanding of China and its Xinjiang region. 

In the future, she and her father plan to open Georgian restaurants in different cities in China, bringing Georgian culture to the Chinese and Chinese culture to the Georgians.

Executive Producer: Xiao Chunfei

Supervisors: Ding Tao and Xue Jing

Producer: Jie Wenjin

Planners: Lin Han and Cheng Li

Reporter: Gulnigar Amat

Camera: Gao Xu

Post-production: Gao Yugang

Reviewers: Hou Weili and Zhang Shijie


Special Report: InXinjiang