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Xinjiang 7 Days’ images: Melody in the field and figures at the construction site

In the season of Grain Rain, the gentle wind ripples.

From the field to the construction site, from the handicraft exhibition hall to the charming campus, from the Begonia Ecological Park to the grassland wetland...

Farmers are busy with intensive cultivation and workers are working hard for the future. Children draw their dreams with chalks in school with a strong atmosphere of studying, and the dance drama Zhang Qian stages the story of the Silk Road.

The Pastoral “Symphony”

Photo taken on April 23, 2022 shows farmers work at the fritillaria field of Yeguolin Community in Alemale Town, Xinyuan County, Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture, northwest China’s Xinjiang. In spring, hard-working farmers work in the fields and the green fritillaria seedlings wriggle on the black land, in contrast with the fruit trees and flowers on the ridge remotely, which is like the pastoral "symphony" echoing on the earth. (Photo by Zhang Wenting, Xiao Yihong, Li Jinwei)

The blooming Begonia

Aerial photo taken on April 23, 2022 shows the scenery of ten thousand mu of Begonia Ecological Park in Bole City, northwest China’s Xinjiang. Recently, begonias planted in this ecological park bloom one after another, with pink flowers putting a bright "flower" dress on Bole City. (Photo by Xatek Hayrat)

The “waltz” in the workshop

Photo taken on April 21, 2022 shows a worker polishes pressure vessels at the workshop of Xinjiang Lanshi Heavy Equipment Energy Engineering Co., Ltd. in Hami High Tech Industrial Development Zone, Hami City, northwest China’s Xinjiang. In the workshop, cutting, welding, polishing and other processes are carried out in turn and linked with each other. Cranes shuttling through the workshop, welding spatter shining, everything is showing a strong momentum of busy production and development. (Shiliuyun / Xinjiang Daily Cai Zengle)

Figures at the construction site

Photo taken on April 21, 2022 shows workers work at the construction site of Hami Jurong liquefied natural gas (LNG) project of an annual output of 500,000 tons in the Circular Economy Industrial Park in the south of Hami High Tech Industrial Development Zone, Hami City, northwest China’s Xinjiang. This project is a second auxiliary project of the West-East Natural Gas Transmission Project, which plans to be completed and put into operation by the end of July, 2022. After the completion of the project, it will effectively promote the green development of the local energy conservation and emission reduction. (Shiliuyun/ Xinjiang Daily Cai Zengle)

Family heirloom

Photo taken on April 20, 2022 shows an employee sorts out copper handicrafts at the exhibition hall of Heirloom Handicraft Professional Cooperative in Jiayituogelake Village of Qia’erbage Town in Luopu County, Hotan Prefecture, northwest China’s Xinjiang. In 2017, Heirloom Handicraft Professional Cooperative was established at Jiayituogelake Village. The annual output of copper handicrafts is about 10,000 pieces, providing jobs for more than 20 local villagers and increasing their income. (Photo by Mamat-ali Anwar)

Painting dreams with chalks

Aerial Photo taken on April 18, 2022 shows students do some drawings with chalks on the cement floor at Karamay No. 7 Middle School in Karamay City, Xinjiang. At the same day, series of activities of the Fourth Art Festival themed on “Charm of spring · Chalk painting on floor” entered the competition stage. Students from 20 classes of the whole school sketched lines and shapes with colored chalks to draw many creative and charming paintings. (Photo by Min Yong)

The strong literary atmosphere

Photo taken on April 20, 2022 shows teachers read books at the launching ceremony of the 2022 "Lilac Monthly Reading" activity held by the Changji Education Bureau in Changji City, northwest China’s Xinjiang. April 23, 2022, is the 27th World Book and Copyright Day, and schools in Changji City launched a series of reading activities to guide and encourage teachers and students to read more books and read valuable books. (Photo by Yang Bin)

Patrolling in wetland

Photo taken on April 20, 2022 shows the police of border management detachment of Tacheng Prefecture patrol at the wetland of the Kulusitai Grassland in Tacheng City, northwest China’s Xinjiang. In recent years, the police station has always adhered to patrolling on foot or on horse to carry out wetland patrol and publicity, so as to ensure the sustainable improvement of ecology. (Photo by Zhang Du)

“Opening windows” for melon seedlings

Photo taken on April 21, 2022 shows a melon farmer opens vent holes for melon seedlings at the fields of Tuobuta Village in Nanhu Township, Yizhou District of Hami City, northwest China’s Xinjiang. At present, it is an emergence season for Hami melons. And melon farmers in Hami City work at melon patches to "open vent holes" and do precision fertilization and management for the newly emerging seedlings to ensure a bumper harvest of Hami melon, presenting a busy scene in the field. (Shiliuyun/ Xinjiang Daily Cai Zengle)

The echo of Silk Road

Photo taken on April 22, 2022 shows Zhang Qian, a large-scale original dance drama, is being performed to the public at the theatre of the Mukam Art Troupe of Xinjiang Art Theatre in Urumqi City, northwest China’s Xinjiang. This historical dance drama is based on the story of Zhang Qian's travel to the western regions in Han Dynasty and presents “a journey across time and space” of Zhang Qian through the four acts of “conferring tally”, “guarding tally”, “transmitting tally” and “being envoy”, showing a vivid scene of extensive, comprehensive and in-depth exchanges among different ethnic groups. (Shiliuyun / Xinjiang Daily Otkur Nijat)

Chief editor: Song Jun

Editor: Cai Zengle

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